First Class Fresh Flower Delivery for Shiney Row, Penshaw, Sunderland, Washington, Tyne and Wear. Stocking a constant supply of the freshest and prettiest blooms available and a selection that covers every possible occasion , let the experienced and knowledgeable staff at The Florist help you to make your perfect choice.

Bespoke Sympathy

We have a large number of choices available on our online shop that will hopefully cover every eventuality. Please have a look around the website for ideas and inspiration, anything that you can't see or any questions that you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, Facebook or by email. See some of the choices available below.

Butterfly tribute


Bespoke Sympathy | Knitting Tribute Call shop

Knitting Tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Sympathy | Whisky bottle tribute Call shop

Whisky bottle tribute

3d Jack Daniels bottle


Bespoke Sympathy | Boxing Glove Tribute Call shop

Boxing Glove Tribute

R6 motorcycle tribute


Deep Sea Diver Tribute


Sunderland Badge


Football Shirt


Sunderland Football Scarf


Bespoke Sympathy | Football Scarf Call shop

Football Scarf

Bespoke Sympathy | Bespoke Bus Tribute Call shop

Bespoke Bus Tribute

Bike Tribute


Chanel Tribute


Bespoke Sympathy | RAF Wings Tribute Call shop

RAF Wings Tribute

Hammer Tribute


Bespoke Sympathy | Microphone Call shop


Bespoke Sympathy | Peace Tribute Call shop

Peace Tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Bespoke Fish Tribute Call shop

Bespoke Fish Tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Star Wars Tribute Call shop

Star Wars Tribute

Cricket Bat Tribute


Photo Frame Tribute


Mickey Mouse Tribute


Bespoke Sympathy | Garden tribute Call shop

Garden tribute

Jockey Tribute


Dog paw


Bespoke Sympathy | Honey bee Call shop

Honey bee

Bespoke Sympathy | Tea and cup Call shop

Tea and cup

Bespoke Sympathy | Golf ball tribute Call shop

Golf ball tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Horse tribute Call shop

Horse tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Spade tribute Call shop

Spade tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Balloon tribute Call shop

Balloon tribute

Bespoke Sympathy | Newcastle United emblem Call shop

Newcastle United emblem

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